Nazca Lines -Ballestas Islands – Huacachina+

Join us on this fantastic flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines and nature tour of the Ballestas Islands, also called the “Galapogos of Peru”.

Rafting – Chili River (Half day)+

Join us in beautiful Peru, on an exciting and adventurous rafting trip down the Chili River, close to Arequipa. This is a half day trip and we provide all the equipment that you need to have an adrenaline filled experience.

Colca Canyon Trek to San Juan Chuccho (3 days/2 nights)+

Join us, in Peru, on an excellent trek into Colca Canyon to San Juan Chuccho, recognized as the deepest Canyon in the world, at over 13,000ft deep.

Colca Canyon Trek to Waruro’s Waterfall (4 days/3 nights)+

Join us, in Peru, on this wonderful trek to Waruro’s Waterfall in Colca Canyon, recognized as the deepest Canyon in the world, at over 13,000ft deep.

Classic Colca Canyon Tour (2 days/1 night)+

Experience this 2 day tour to spectacular Colca Canyon, Chivay & the Condor’s Cross. See Condor’s flights, 5 volcanoes, local wildlife & cultural history.

Puno: Lake Titicaca and Sillustani Ruins Tour (4 days/3 nights)+

Join us for this spectacular tour of beautiful Lake Titicaca, which is full of Andean culture & history & includes the Sillustani Ruins.

Lake Titicaca: Llachón, Uros & Taquile Islands’ Tour (2 days/1 night)+

See magical Lake Titicaca, unique Uros reed islands, the village of Llachón (peninsula) & the island of Taquile where ancient laws and traditions are followed.

Chauchilla Cemetery Tour (half day)+

This half day tour to Chauchilla Cemetary, takes us into the desert to see the amazingly preserved mummies of the Nazca people.

Climbing Ampato Volcano (3 days/2 nights)+

The climb of the snow-capped Ampato volcano (6318m) outside of Arequipa in Peru, is a moderate to challenging adventure. This mountain was sacred to the Incas and it was here that the mummy Juanita, also known as the “Ice Maiden”, was found in 1995.

Puerto Maldonado Classic Tour (3 days/2 nights)+

To experience the jungle & see the amazing variety of wildlife in the Amazon Basin, Peru, join us on this tour starting from Puerto Maldonado.

Puerto Maldonado – Lake Sandoval Tour+

Join us on this nature-filled jungle tour around Lake Sandoval in Peru, and the Island of Monkeys in the Amazon Basin.

Machu Picchu and Lares Valley Trek (4 days/3 nights)+

This trek, along the spectacular Lares Valley, traverses the beautiful, pristine Peruvian Andes. The Lares trek in Peru, is a wonderful alternative to the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Inca Trail Trek by Salkantay (5 days/ 4 nights)+

This Inca trek in Peru, passing the impressive Salkantay, is an alternate to the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It has been named amongst the 25 best treks in the world, by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine.

Cotahuasi Canyon Tour and Trek (4 days/3 nights)+

If you want to discover some of our Peruvian historical culture combined with some trekking, then join us on this wonderful tour to Cotahuasi which is near Arequipa and is full of variety.

Colca Canyon Trek to Oasis Sangalle (2 days/1 night)+

Join us, in Peru, on this excellent trek into Colca Canyon to Oasis Sangalle, recognized as the deepest Canyon in the world, at over 13,000ft deep.

Colca Canyon Trek to Llahuar (3 days/2 nights)+

Join us on an excellent trek into Peru’s Colca Canyon to Llahuar, recognized as the deepest Canyon in the world, at over 13,000ft deep.

Climbing Chachani Volcano (2 days/1 night)+

Chachani volcano (6057m) is the highest peak in the Arequipa region of Peru, but it is only a Grade F climb.

Macaw Reserve and Jungle Adventure Trip (5 days/4 nights)+

For an adventurous jungle camping trip in the Amazon Basin of Peru, join us to experience its amazing wildlife, including the colorful Macaws.

Ballestas Islands, Paracas, & Nazca Lines Tour (2 days/1 night)+

Join us on this wonderful nature tour of the Ballestas Islands also called the “Galapogos of Peru”, and the Paracas National Reserve.

Horse Riding around Arequipa (half day)+

Come on a horse riding trip with us to see the beautiful countryside around Arequipa, Peru in a different way.

Lima – Traditional City Tour (2 days/2 nights)+

Join us for a wonderful cultural and historical tour exploring Lima, the capital city of Peru and also called the “City of Kings”.

Sacred Valley of the Incas (1 day)+

Get a taste of the handicraft & construction skills, culture of the Incan Empire in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Lima & Pachacamac Archaeological Tour (1 day)+

Discover a sample of the rich history and culture of Peru, on this tour of the major archaeological sites of Lima and Pachacamac.

Ica and Nazca Lines Flight Tour (2 days/1 night)+

Appreciate the beauty & complexity of Nazca Lines, created between 500BC and 500AD. Take a flight over Ica to see these amazing geoglyphs.

Cusco, Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Tour (4 days/3 nights)+

See the highlights of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu which are all full of Incan history and culture. Enjoying panoramic views on the train.

Climbing Misti Volcano (2 days/ 1 night)+

Climb El Misti, an active volcano north west of Arequipa in Peru. This is a steep but technically easy climbing adventure with fantastic rewards at the top.

Arequipa & Colca Canyon Classic Tour (3 days/3 nights)+

See the best of the “White City» of Arequipa, along with the spectacular Colca Canyon & Chivay. Gives you cultural & historical insights of Arequipa.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (4 days/ 3 nights)+

Magnificent mountain views and fascinating Incan ruins leading to the Sun Gate and into the magical, mysterious and fascinating Machu Picchu.

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