Join us on this wonderful nature tour of the Ballestas Islands also called the “Galapogos of Peru”, and the Paracas National Reserve. As well, enjoy a fantastic flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines. The series of naturally formed arches and caves of the Ballestas Islands are perfect shelter for masses of seabirds and sea lions. Also, marvel at the abundance of wildlife including waterbirds, at the Paracas National Reserve. Then come on a flight over the astonishing Nazca Lines which were created between 500BC and 500AD. This collection of geoglyphs comprises of more than 70 human figures and stylized animals. You must fly above these lines to appreciate their beauty and complexity.

Full Itinerary

PRICE: US$255.00 (minimum 2 people)

Note: The price is based on double or twin accommodation. A single supplement applies, if you request single accommodation.