Terms and Conditions

Every reservation with Peruvian Colca Trails must be accompanied by an advance of 50% of the total cost of the service and received 45 days before the start date of the service. The balance of the cost must be paid at least 1 day before the start of the service.

The payments or deposits, in US dollars, can be transferred to:
Name:          Andrés
Surnames:  Calcina Mamani
I: 29337562
Banco Internacional del Perú – Interbank
BIC ( Bank Identifer Code ) SWIFT
Account number
:  300-3040289846

Or another method of payment:
Name: Andrés,
Surname: Calcina Mamani
DNI: 29337562

Address: C /- Ugarte 218, Office «B», Cercado – Arequipa.

Finally, you must confirm payment with an e-mail to Peruvian Colca Trailsattaching a copy of the deposit voucher.


The passenger (s) must reconfirm 15 days before the start of the tour, otherwise, it will be considered a cancellation, or abandonment of the tour/tourist service.


If you must cancel your trip for any reason, the amount sent in advance will be reimbursed by subtracting certain costs that are held as follows:

If the cancellation occurs:

1) More than 30 days before departure: the entire amount received will be refunded.

2) Between 30 to 15 days before departure: only 50% of the advance will be refunded.

3) Less than 15 days before departure: 100% of the advance will be retained for NO SHOW.


In the case of a disagreement, it will be an amicable settlement previously proposed. If this is not a complete success, Peruvian Colca Trails, a company formed on the basis of Peruvian law, is subject to Peruvian laws. The Peruvian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the case of estates trial.


Peruvian Colca Trail does not provide or include travel insurance or policy against accidents or losses, etc. We may provide logistical support and help. We recommend you take out travel insurance in your country. However, our staff and guides are ready to advise you and answer some questions in advance or questions about the expeditions.

Peru is a country of varying altitudes, ranging from sea level to 4900 meters, so if you intend travelling at high altitudes you should seek medical advice.

We insist that those customers with a clinical history of health problems, advise us of them at the time of making the booking.

Travel insurance, including repatriation, covering the period of the tour, is compulsory.


Peruvian Colca Trails assumes no liability for any injury, damage, loss, accident, social and political disturbances, natural phenomena or something beyond our control. We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the route where it is advisable to ensure the safety and welfare of passengers.

Peruvian Colca Trails will not have responsibility if customers don´t adhere to rules and formalities of the local police, customs and health at all times of travel. It is each participant’s responsible to obtain all the necessary documents and requested by the authorities of the country.

Peruvian Colca Trails is not responsible for delays or the inability of participants to present their papers in order. The costs incurred will be borne by the customer. If travel is interrupted or reduced for any reason as a result of the participant’s actions, they shall not be entitled to any kind of redemption.


Each participant must be aware that due to the type of travel we arrange, there may be some risks due to the shortage of medical centres, the state of the roads, the adventure nature of our tours (such as high mountain trekking and expeditions in all-terrain vehicles). The participant must make themselves aware of the circumstances of the tour/trip and agrees in the case of an accident, not to make claims against Peruvian Colca Trails, or guides and/or individuals.

If circumstances require for example climatic conditions or unforeseen events, to ensure the security of the whole group, Peruvian Colca Trails reserves the right directly or through their companions to change the transportation, accommodation , the route, the dates or times of departure, without participants receiving compensation.
Each participant must abide by the rules of prudence and follow the advice given by the guide. Peruvian Colca Trails is not responsible for accidents due to the negligence of any individual group members.

Peruvian Colca Trails reserves the right to expel in extreme case, a person or persons of the group whose behaviour is considered as risky to the safety or welfare of the rest of the passengers. No amount of compensation will be taken into consideration.

The baggage is the responsibility of customers throughout the journey. Do not trust the care of your luggage to your travelling companions, because they cannot physically take care of that responsibility.


If your trip is modified due to a disruption of air traffic, we are not responsible in any way. The costs arising shall be borne by each passenger previously negotiate.


If external situations disrupt the normal functioning of the country (e.g. political and / or social), Peruvian Colca Trails reserves the right to cancel a trip or change its content. In the event of cancellation, the deposit will be retained for the advancement of prepaid services already booked. If there are changes to the route, a new cost will be established.