Peruvian Colca Trails

If you want to travel with an ecologically responsible company delivering a flexible, safe adventure of a lifetime, suited to your requirements, then Peruvian Colca Trails is for you.

What makes us different from the other tour companies, is:

  • You will have all the essentials to make your adventure trip as relaxing and easy going or as challenging as  you like;
  • If you prefer avoiding the well-trodden routes of trekking then choose us, because we know the local sights that guidebooks don’t and many tourists never have the chance to see;
  • If you love to enjoy new adventures, we are always open to your suggestions and requests and searching new routes to share with you;
  • If you like to experience the real Peru, it’s food, history and culture you will love the destinations we can take you, everything from back street restaurants serving delicious local food, to pointing out interesting sites to see and places to visit, particularly along the trails of Colca  and Cotahuasi Canyons;
  • You will always feel safe with us, because you will never be left alone, our staff are instructed to assist you at all times;
  • To give you an amazing cultural experience and help the local economy, on some trips, we spend nights in family huts and houses, avoiding the conventional tourist lodges.
  • You will have a fully interactive experience, whilst respecting local cultures and customs. We have a policy to pay the fair price for local services, as we care for the people we visit and work with;
  • Whatever your needs and budget, we take you to the most appropriate places to go for dinner and drinks;
  • You won’t be referred to other sub agencies (that is, sub-contracted) we will guide you but if, for some reason we can’t, we will tell you;
  • If you are interested in Peruvian history, geography, anthropology, archaeology, flora and fauna, our guides are experienced professionals with excellent knowledge of each region.