Andrés is a local Peruvian who is an experienced, laid back guide highly praised for his knowledge of the area and for the way he conducts his excursions taking into account the wishes of his customers as well as their abilities. He speaks English well and French and also has a little knowledge of German. Andrés can also arrange transportation as well as accommodation in accordance to your needs and your budget. There are different options, and not that much more expensive! He can take you to  all the fantastic sights without the crowds, seeing the condors over colca canyon just for yourself, visting villages and people not on the route of the tour buses and walk on tracks which only few people know of!  It takes only little time to contact Andres and enquire about the services he can offer you, but it is time well spent just ask. He has been guiding Europeans, Australians, Americans and Canadians on wonderful trips in Peru, for many years.