Let us show you the highlights of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu which are all full of Incan history and culture.  On day one, you will be fascinated by the precision construction of the famous fortress of Sacsayhuaman and other sites around Cusco.  On day 2, we take you to the lush and beautiful Sacred Valley which was the heartland of the Incan Empire.  Here you see remnants of the Incas and see how the people living there today still preserve some of the Incan customs.  On day 3, we take a magical trip on the train and bus to Machu Picchu, enjoying panoramic views in the Expedition train along the way.  Then your guide will take you on a tour of this fascinating sanctuary, explaining the secrets of this previously lost city

Full Itinerary

PRICE: US$405.00 per person

Note: The price is based on double or twin accommodation.  A single supplement applies, if you request single accommodation.