Peruvian Colca Trails Testimonials

Testimonials from those who have travelled with Peruvian Colca Trails show what a wonderful friendly holiday you can experience with Andres as your guide.

With our guide Andrés Calcina from Peruvian Colca Trails we did a 3D/2N Colca Canyon trek. We thoroughly enjoyed the trail, landscapes, nature and accommodations. Andrés is an excellent guide, showing the beautiful spots along the trail and providing us with plentiful information about the Canyon and Peru in general. Always with a smile, he was the perfect company along the journey down and up through the canyon. Highly recommended!

Hengelo The Netherlands 2 day 1 night trek / Colca Canyon diciembre 19, 2023

My husband and I did a private Colac Canyon Trail with Andres Calcina. It was fantastic. We were picked up from our posada in Chucuito, near Puno (was a great place to stay) and the scenery and wildlife on our journey was great. We are fast walkers and decided to do a private tour. Day 1 was 3 hours of walking which may have been disappointing had we not done a long car journey. However Andres edited the trip and extended the walking on Day 2 which we really appreciated. Then Day 3 was an early start climbing so bring a great torch. We then finished the trip seeing the condors which were amazing. Thank you Andres for showing us the Colca Canyon.

Clare UK, August 2016 agosto 29, 2016

We were very happy using Peruvian Colca Trails and having Andres Calcina as our guide. Our hiking group wanted to explore southern Peru as it is our first trip to South America. Andres developed a two week program for us that covered the towns of Ica, Nasca, Arequipa, Puno, Lake Titicaca, Cusco and Machu Picchu. His deep knowledge in the history of his country kept us interested to learn more about Peru. He is very descriptive in his explanation. He is always on time and never misses an opportunity to personalize our experience each day. The Colca Canyon by far was our favorite hike and also Andres' area of expertise. He guided us through the beautiful trails, explained the vegetation and the history of the region. He also made sure that everyone was safe and that we arrived back to Chivay on time. Another highlight of visiting the Canyon and staying in Chivay was the cultural show and folk dancing presented at one of the local restaurants. We had fun interacting with other guests and joining in the dances. Another bonus, Andres is a great folk dancer!
The accommodation he reserved for us were comfortable and restaurants he suggested were great and reasonably priced. We are very satisfied with all the places we visited. Thank you Andres for giving us an experience that is not to be forgotten.

Norizan, USA, March 2016 abril 17, 2016

We spent 2 days with Andres Calcina in the Colca Canyon. He arrived on the first day at our hotel in Yanque at 6am and from there we drove through the canyon stopping to see the condors, some viewpoints, some churches... We then stopped at Cabanaconde and trek down the canyon to arrive at the Oasis Sangalle and came back up the day after.
Andres was very helpful and pointed out very interesting elements of the canyon, history and nature. He showed us some nice spots of the Canyon at the bottom of the river. It was very interesting to have him with us during these 2 days as otherwise we may have missed some great viewpoints. He also helped organised the trekking in the canyon (starting the trek up at 5am was definitely a great idea!).
We would definitely recommend choosing Andres if you want somebody knowledgable with you during your visit of Colca canyon.

Marie October, 2015 diciembre 7, 2015

I did not travel with andres calcina himself, but he organized everything for me and my friend on my short visit to Lima. Because I’m a flight attedant I always have just a few Days to stay. As I meet a lot of different companys, I must say Andres is exceptionele. He wanted to travel for 17 hrs in a bus to pick us up in Lima and then travel another 8hrs to nazca! Crazy! We did this ourselves. He booked all the rest of the Tour for us; hotel, balestas, buggyride huacacinha, personal guide assistent named Ziro. We had a wonderfull time because of this. I plan to come back to Peru, and there is only one person I am going to book all my trips with then:andres from this company!! Thanks so far!

Hanneke - Holland, February 2015. marzo 9, 2015

I contacted Andres by email during 2013 after a Google search for a trip in Peru that I took in February 2014. First he was very helpfull by email with all the answers I needed for my planning. He helped me not just with the Colca Canyon Trail (at which he is best) but also through him I arranged other escapades in Peru like the 4 nights Inka Trail in Cusco/Machupichu, visiting Puno and the Titicaca lake or the Arequipa tour. He is very good in english and most of all very responsible and well trusted. On the last night before our departure, he also took us to a restaurant downtown Arequipa where he teached us about the local cuisine and drinks and after that we partyed together at a karaoke place. That was fun! Thanks again Andres for all the time you put so we can feel excelent and safe in the same time during our one month vacation in Peru!

Chris - Romania, 2014 diciembre 19, 2014

Going on a trek with Andres was not disappointing in the slightest. He was the most trustworthy, nice, happy guide we could of asked for. We enjoyed every moment of our spectacular 4 day Colca Canyon trek. If you are thinking of trekking the Canyon, ask for Andres! You will not regret it!

Lorraine and Denis - Canada, October 2014. octubre 2, 2014

We have travelled many times to Peru but this time was exceptional. We are a family with teens. Andres was so caring and made this trip unique and unforgettable adapting each instant to our interest and level. He is honest, organized, trustworthy and punctual so with him there is no stress at all. He was recommended by friends who did the same trip years back: it was really an amazing recommendation that we want to share with you!

May, 2014

junio 18, 2014

Thanks to Andres, we had a wonderful time in Canyon del Colca. We felt completely safe and lucky to discover this beautiful region with him. He knows a lot about the history of Peru, which we appreciated a lot during our long hikes or during diners, and knows a lot of people in the different places we were.
From the beginning to the end, we had no bad surprise: everything was as described in his website, or even better !!!
I recommend Andres to everybody, you won’t be disappointed.
Many thanks again Andres for this wonderful time. We will never forget that hike!!!!!

Nicolas and Michael
May, 2014.

mayo 23, 2014

I did the 3 day trek. A bit difficult, I admit, but so worth it. And Andres was a great guide who helped me through it when I got tired. The views from the mountains are amazingly beautiful. And the places you stop to spend the night are heaven. Oh and there are hotsprings too.  Recommend this to everybody!

Simone, The Netherlands January 2014. marzo 7, 2014

Trekking through the Colca was one of the most amazing things I did during my four month journey through Latin America. I was indeed dizzied by all the companies that offer tours, but a local couchsurfing friend told me to ask for Andres Calcina. I had a most amazing time and will now tell everybody the same!  Our three-day track through the Canon was all it promised to be and more. I teamed up with four other guys and together we had an unforgettable trip. Andres is incredibly friendly, laid-back and funny, but also very knowledgeable and speaks great English. He takes great care of the group, whether in terms of food and drinks, places to rest, safe walking, and many stories about the Colca Canon by the campfire at night. And all that Andres advertises is true, go with him and you will actually avoid the well-trodden paths, family huts and conventional tourist lodges, making it an unforgettable cultural experience which includes not just hiking but also hot springs, visiting a local museum to see how the people live in the canon, eat fruits from the cactus along the way, listen to the canon's legends and get warm around the campfire. You will have the experience of being the only one hiking the canon, astonished by its beauty. If you make a trip into the Canon, go with Andres Calcina! Thank you so much!

Anne, The Netherlands Sept 2013. marzo 7, 2014

We went horsing at the Colca Canyon with our guide Andres. It was 3 amazing days riding on Yakari’s horses: Pepe and Wapa. Andres helped us organizing our trip for months before we arrived in Peru. Since our meeting, Andres is a great friend and we hope to receive updates about his “big plan”.

Céline and Jean-Philippe July 2013 marzo 7, 2014

We did the 3 day trek in Colca Canyon and Andres was an amazing guide. He is very knowledgable and helpful and we had an excellent time on our get away! Hot springs, volcanic springs, 3AM hikes – highly recommend to everyone!!!

Natasha USA, June 2013 marzo 6, 2014

Andres was always kind and courteous. He listened to the different needs of the group and tried to accommodate us as much as possible to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. He had a lot of knowledge of the areas we visited and I’d highly recommend him as a tour guide. We had a wonderful adventure!

Jenny Australia, 2012. marzo 6, 2014

I am so glad we met Andres. A brilliant guide and I have to mention he was our saviour after my partner had an accident. Although he wasn’t with us when it happened, Andres met us at the hospital and took over all the arrangements for the paperwork and payments, and helped with our insurance documents and translations. He was very kind and looked after us for the whole week, cheering us both up.
I really don’t know what we would have done without him. Thank you Andres.

Lorraine marzo 6, 2014

Andres, I would like to let you know how grateful we are for the wonderful time we had visiting the Colca canyon with you. When traveling abroad specially with young kids as we did in many countries, it's necessary to choose carefully the people who deserve your trust. By chance, we met you and I can't say enough how great you have been to us and how pleased we are with your service. It is really rare to find customer service today that is sincere and delivered with passion.

Olivier, Jessica & children (8 and 11yo) France marzo 6, 2014

I did the Colca Canyon trip with Andres in 2011 & it was the highlight of my trip in Peru, previously I had done many trips and activity around the the world and I can honestly say Andres was the best guide I have ever had. His laid back and friendly attitude combine with his incredible knowlege of the Colca Canyon made it very magical trip. Before booking our trip we were told by friends to ask for Andres Calcina to be our guide & I can now pass this recommendation onto anybody who is traveling to Arequipa 'Ask for Andres'.

Simon marzo 6, 2014

Andrés es el mejor! Andrés is the best! He knows his surroundings like his own house. After all those years of having visited Peru, we are still in touch and I know that if we ever meet again it will feel like it was yesterday! Andrés, you deserve the best and I can say you are a great friend.

Karen marzo 6, 2014

We were a group of six  friends. In September 2012, we took a tour in the Colca Canyon with  Andres Calcina and everything was perfect. The guide, Andres is very pleasant, also the driver Antonio. The tour was very well organized, the hotels were fantastic and restaurants were very good. I will recommend this company to all my friends that want trip to Perú.

Estuvimos un grupo de 6 amigos en septiembre de 2012. Realizamos con el señor Andres Calcina la excursión al Colca y estuvo todo perfecto. El guia(Andres) muy simpático,asi como el conductor (Antonio). La visita muy bien, los hoteles geniales y los restaurantes muy buenos. Recomendaré esta empresa a todos mis amigos que viajen al Peru.

Antonio Madrid, 2012 marzo 6, 2014

We did a 3 day trip with Andres some time ago, he is an excellent guide and really cares about both his clients and his environment, cannot recommend him , or the Canyon highly enough.  You are sure to enjoy your trip with him.

Allan & Barbara France marzo 6, 2014