Peruvian Colca Trails is a Peruvian company specializing in, but not limited to Colca Canyon tours and treks.  We are a legally authorized company established in the city of Arequipa since 2002 and we are dedicated to a high standard of ecological and cultural tourism.  We aim to promote the natural beauty of Peru and the cultural legacy of our Incan and Spanish ancestors.

Our mission is to provide our clients with wonderful adventures and experiences that they will never forget and that are in harmony with nature, the people and the land.  We aim to do this through friendship, humanity and the sharing of our knowledge and understanding of our beautiful country.

Peruvian Colca Trails is an ecologically responsible company, striving to co-exist with nature (the Pacha Mama, our Mother Earth), with its mountains (Apus) and the oceans and seas (Mama Cocha).  Preserving this kingdom for future generations is foremost in our minds.

Our Staff are professional at all times and are flexible in providing you with service that meets your needs in a fun and enthusiastic manner.  They honor the premises of the Incas “Ama K’ella” (don’t be idle), “Ama Llulla» (don’t lie), “Ama Sua» (don’t steal).  We also respect the ideology and belief in shamans who are the living priests (in soul) from Incan time.

Please be mindful that the programs we provide on this site can be customized to suit your requirements.  We are happy to consult with you on any changes and are always ready to provide information and suggestions for a completely personalized service and an unforgettable experience.

We invite you to enjoy a fun-filled adventure with us in Peru and Latin America. Contact us. We are ready to enthusiastically work with you and address of all your concerns. We are waiting for you!

Cheers, from all the friends at Peruvian Colca Trails!!!!

Lic. Andrés Calcina Mamani - Manager

Regional Government of Arequipa Lic. No. 421-2015