diciembre 19, 2014

I contacted Andres by email during 2013 after a Google search for a trip in Peru that I took in February 2014. First he was very helpfull by email with all the answers I needed for my planning. He helped me not just with the Colca Canyon Trail (at which he is best) but also through him I arranged other escapades in Peru like the 4 nights Inka Trail in Cusco/Machupichu, visiting Puno and the Titicaca lake or the Arequipa tour. He is very good in english and most of all very responsible and well trusted. On the last night before our departure, he also took us to a restaurant downtown Arequipa where he teached us about the local cuisine and drinks and after that we partyed together at a karaoke place. That was fun! Thanks again Andres for all the time you put so we can feel excelent and safe in the same time during our one month vacation in Peru!