diciembre 7, 2015

We spent 2 days with Andres Calcina in the Colca Canyon. He arrived on the first day at our hotel in Yanque at 6am and from there we drove through the canyon stopping to see the condors, some viewpoints, some churches… We then stopped at Cabanaconde and trek down the canyon to arrive at the Oasis Sangalle and came back up the day after.
Andres was very helpful and pointed out very interesting elements of the canyon, history and nature. He showed us some nice spots of the Canyon at the bottom of the river. It was very interesting to have him with us during these 2 days as otherwise we may have missed some great viewpoints. He also helped organised the trekking in the canyon (starting the trek up at 5am was definitely a great idea!).
We would definitely recommend choosing Andres if you want somebody knowledgable with you during your visit of Colca canyon.