Nazca Lines -Ballestas Islands – Huacachina+

Join us on this fantastic flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines and nature tour of the Ballestas Islands, also called the “Galapogos of Peru”.

Puerto Maldonado Classic Tour (3 days/2 nights)+

To experience the jungle & see the amazing variety of wildlife in the Amazon Basin, Peru, join us on this tour starting from Puerto Maldonado.

Puerto Maldonado – Lake Sandoval Tour+

Join us on this nature-filled jungle tour around Lake Sandoval in Peru, and the Island of Monkeys in the Amazon Basin.

Macaw Reserve and Jungle Adventure Trip (5 days/4 nights)+

For an adventurous jungle camping trip in the Amazon Basin of Peru, join us to experience its amazing wildlife, including the colorful Macaws.

Ballestas Islands, Paracas, & Nazca Lines Tour (2 days/1 night)+

Join us on this wonderful nature tour of the Ballestas Islands also called the “Galapogos of Peru”, and the Paracas National Reserve.

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