This half day tour to Chauchilla Cemetery, takes us into the desert to see the amazingly preserved mummies of the Nazca people.  The cemetery has been raided by treasure hunters in previous years, but there are thousands of ancient graves still to be seen. We also take you to see how the Nazca people made beautiful ceramics two thousand years ago.

Duration: Half day

Departures: All year round

Fitness Level: Does not apply

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Pick you up from your hotel. The archaeological site is located at Chauchilla in a desert area about 28 kilometers from the city of Nazca. It is accessible by the Panamerican Highway for 20 km or so and then we take a dirt road for 7 km.  For many years, this pre-Incan cemetery was plundered by treasure hunters, who destroyed the tombs and robbed all the treasures that lay with the mummies. Looters stole valuables of ceramics, textiles, gold, silver etc. They left the corpses scattered across the desert surface, which can still be seen today. The tombs are in good condition, and over a thousand years old. There are also mummified bodies of children in excellent condition and long braids of human hair.

After exploring Chauchilla, we return to Nazca and visit the workshop of a potter, who gives details on the evolution of the Nazca civilization and shows us how men of this culture made beautiful and colourful ceramics for two thousand years.


  • Shared tourist transportation
  • tourist ticket required to visit the area


  • Drinks, including bottled water
  • Tips.

PRICE: US$30.00 per person

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Note: This tour can be included as an addition to the Ica and Nazca tour. Please contact us for a quote.

Note: The price is an estimate and is subject to change slightly, until your reservation is confirmed.